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My Entrepreneurial Journey: How I Got Here and Where I’m Going Next

If you asked me 4 years ago what I would be doing as a career, I would have told you a financial advisor who works for a big corporation helping people with their finances. Spoiler alert: what my career looks like now is nowhere close to what I had envisioned in 2016. 

A Timeline of 2016 to 2020:

To understand how I got to where I am today and where I’m headed next, I’ve created a timeline summary from 2016 to 2020 so you can get a better idea of how I came up with the idea to start a new business and fully committing to pursuing what I feel called to do with confidence.


> May: I graduated high school as a Junior simply because I wanted to get out of there ASAP so I can start college and get my degree sooner so that I can get my dream job. My dream job in 2016 was working in a big corporation in downtown St. Louis where I’m one of the executives and advisors who help people with their finances. 

> August: I started college with the intention of completing a bachelor’s in business administration and finance.

> October: I worked as a part-time janitor cleaning big corporate offices (I loved corporate offices so much for some reason).


> April: I started my very first business. I loved photography and wanted to make some side hustle money with it while still going to school, so I registered my business name as “OV Photography” for a sole proprietorship.

> November: I quit my job as a janitor and started a new job as a bank teller. This branch was at the corporate office of the bank. Again, I really loved corporate offices for some reason.  


> May: I quit my job as a bank teller that paid really great for part-time ($15/hr).  I also went full-time with my photography business with barely any plan made to ensure I can make this work and have a profitable business.

> June-July: I took a month-long vacation to Europe after just quitting my job.

> August: I changed my major from finance to marketing.

> September-December: My business started to grow more and more. 


> June-December: I invested heavily in education, personal growth, and mentors.

> December: My revenue for the year went up 3x from the previous year and I had my biggest sales and cash month ever.


> January-July: Continuously investing in education, personal growth, and mentors.

> March: Started pursuing another passion of mine – teaching and coaching. I hired my first 1:1 coaching client to test trial my 1:1 coaching program. 

> May: I invested in a personal development conference (RISE Conference by Rachel Hollis) and it changed my perspective so much about what I want to do with my life. Then I invested in therapy to work through any unhealed traumas I had and overcome limitations that were keeping me stuck in just about all aspects of my life. I also invested in a mindset group coaching program taught by a mindset coach and mental health therapist. 

> June: I learned what worked and what didn’t in my 1:1 coaching program and re-evaluated what I wanted to do with the new career path I was pursuing. 

> July: I gained SO clarity on what it is that I want to do with my new business after getting really honest with myself and I realized what my “why” was.

> I invested in a Tony Robbins event (Unleash the Power Within) and in a 6-month mastermind with like-minded female entrepreneurs to learn how to master our wealth mindset, our finances, our mindset, and more. I also invested in a business coach to help me embrace my leadership skills and to take my new business to the next level before it’s even launched.

To say I feel unstoppable is an understatement right now. I’ve never felt so empowered, fired up, and ready to continue pursuing my dreams and most ambitious goals. #enneagram3

When I became really honest with myself and asked myself the following questions, that’s when I realized what my calling really is and I’ve never felt so aligned with all the answers I received. Here are the questions I asked myself:

– What do I love to do? What do I hate to do?

– What lights me up with joy and passion?

– What am I really amazing at?

– What are my strengths? What are my weaknesses?

– What are my limiting beliefs and patterns, and how can I turn them into empowering beliefs and patterns instead?

– If I could leave one impact in this world before I leave, what would that be?

Although my photography business is not going anywhere and I never plan to not be a photographer, I am happily pursuing what I feel is my life’s calling as a coach and consultant. I feel called to do the following:

1) Help women overcome the limiting beliefs that are keeping them stuck in this limiting mindset that prevents them from moving forward and taking themselves, their life, and their business to the next level;

2) Teach female entrepreneurs how to grow and scale their business by building an impactful personal brand so they can become wildly in-demand and the trusted expert, to attract dream clients using social media through digital + brand marketing strategies, and how to brand themselves through brand photography;

3) Empower and encourage women and young girls to own their truth, step into their confidence, own their uniqueness and power, to embrace who they truly are and be absolutely unapologetic about it, and to become unstoppable with creating and living out their dream life and business. 

There were definitely plenty of limiting beliefs that showed up for me when I got honest about what it is that I want. One thing that’s helped me tremendously is learning that feeling these limitations are completely normal.

Two of the biggest fears I had around playing bigger (having 2 businesses and calling my shots) was 1) what other people would say about me and their opinions about me having 2 businesses; and 2) having others see me as a failure if one or both of my businesses flops/fails.

When we decide to play bigger, we’re doing something we’re not used to or have never done before. Of course, our brains are going to think something is wrong and cause you to limit yourself before you even implement what it is that you need to that will get you to the next level.

The important question I had to ask myself was: am I going to allow my fears to dictate my life, or am I going call the shots in my life and business?

Can you guess my answer was? 😉

What’s Next on my Entrepreneurial Journey:

I’m beyond excited to launch my new coaching and consulting business so I can work with ambitious women that are ready to let go of their limiting beliefs about what’s possible for them and their business and to help them grow and scale their business so they become the visionary CEO, not just the hustler or contractor.

With photography, I am pretty limited to how my services can positively impact and help my clients. Of course, they have their most special memories and moments captured in a stunning photograph that makes them look bomb dot com and it’s something they have to cherish forever, and that’s amazing.

However, I can’t really help my photography clients overcome limiting beliefs, grow and scale their business, or coach and consult them in the topics of business, marketing, and branding. To me, it seemed like there were no doors open for me to make this a reality for me until I built my own door (figuratively) and made it happen.

All of my own limiting beliefs are now in the past and my ego (fears, insecurities, doubts, worries) do not control my life anymore. I call the shots in my life and business, not my fears, and I want to teach other badass women how I did everything I did to this point and what I’m continuously doing to grow and scale my business. The work I do really matters to me because I feel it is my calling to empower women to step into their confidence and pursue their dreams unapologetically. 

I cannot wait to launch my new business and to work with incredible women! If you’d like to stay up to date with what I’m launching next and how you can work with me, I’d love to stay connected!

You can sign up for my newsletter called the Insider’s List where you’ll be the first to know about all the latest updates in my business, get exclusive offers, and a ton of free resources to help you uplevel your business, brand, marketing, and mindset. The link to join the Insider’s List is below! Can’t wait to see you on the inside. 



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